After years of Estate Sale Services, we have published the book: 79 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ESTATE SALES. This book will help anyone know everything you need to know about 1. Hiring an Estate Sale Company 2. Having your own Estate Sale 3. Becoming an Estate Sale Copmany. This book is available from in the Kindle format for your computer or device. They will provide the free Kindle reader when the book is pruchased for only $2.99      If you plan any of the three different catagories above, this book is a must so you don't make common beginner mistakes in this business. Also available is another of our books: THE ART OF RESALE BARGAINING. This book will teach you everything to know about bargaining from the buyers and sellers standpoint. It is also available from for $2.99. To access the books, put the title into the Amazon search engine. You'll be glad you did!!!

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